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<May 2009>

by Maureen A. Taylor

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# Monday, May 18, 2009
Photo Favorites
Posted by Diane

This week I'm taking a break from a long column and featuring a few new online photo finds. 

I 've been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. Started studying pictures as a toddler and had my first camera in second grade. In high school I was a member of an after school photo group (there were only four of us) and spent a lot of time in the dark room developing pictures. Photo history, picture taking techniques, picture name it I've been involved in it.

I read a wide array of materials on photography (new and old) so it was great to hear that the New York Times has yet another blog on pictures. It's called Lens: Photography, Video and Visual Journalism.  If you like photography, then you'll love reading these columns. One recent post discussed slow photography vs. digital quickness. The focus is large format pictures. The images are gorgeous!!

Another New York Times blog covered the story of the Humiston children in a multi-part series. It's a fantastic tale of how one photograph can tell an intricate story--all you have to do is look at all the facets of the picture and put the pieces together.  It's a great piece of journalism by filmmaker, Errol Morris. You can read part one here.

There is a new page on Flickr. The Jewish Women's Archive is looking for photographs of the Jewish mothers in our families.  The page is called: Jewish Mothers: The Way We Were, The Way We Are

That's all for this week.

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